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RESNET HERS Rater Course
Home Inspector Training In Texas

RESNET HERS Rater Courses
BBC is a Trainer for HTX Energy Pros
(A RESNET Training Provider)
Requirements to be a RESNET HERS Rater
Step 1 - Complete a RESNET approved training course HTX RESNET HERS Rater/IECC/Energy Star
Step 2 - Pass the Knowledge Exam (We will train and you and proctor the exam)
Step 3 - Pass the CAZ Sim Exam - (We will train you and proctor the exam)
Step 4 - Pass the Practical Sim Exam (We will train you and proctor the exam)
Steps 1-4 are included in HTX's Training - $1375
Student pays the RESNET testing fees of $525
With Steps 1-4 complete contact HTX Energy Pros (A RESNET Rating Provider) for your certification as a HERS Rater.
Certification requires software training, five (5) probationary ratings, and two (2) hours of combustion training.
RESNET Continuing Ed
(Coming Soon)
Coming courses:

Advanced HVAC - Static Pressure Testing
Advanced HVAC - Heat Rise Method and Airflow
Advanced HVAC - Measuring Sub-cooling and
HVAC Simulators
Modern House
Texas Initial Home Inspector Training/Certification
TREC Approved Qualifying Education Provider #701077
Texas Professional Inspector Training/Certification Requirements
Modern House
Texas Law Module #39927
Property and Building Inspection Module I #39925
Property and Building Inspection Module II #39926
 Texas Standards of Practice Module #39928
Analysis of Findings & Reporting Module #39923
Business Operations and Professional             
           Responsibilities Module #39924
Complete the following administrative tasks:
      Background check
      Proof of insurance/fiscal responsibility
Texas Home Inspector Continuing Ed Courses
Texas Realtor Continuing Ed Courses

TREC Approved Qualifying Continuing Education Provider #10835
Modern House
Legal & Ethics and SOP Review #49430 8 hrs/$25 
New Construction #48732 - 6 hrs/$50
Texas Realtor Continuing Ed
In Class
(Each 1hr/$12)(See Courses Page)

Contact BBC 210 385-1209
for how to schedule an in class course
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